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What is Codonorix?

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Hey all!

My name is Logan and I'm one of the creators of the Codonorix maps team! In this thread, I'll be explaining who we are, what our plans are and what you can expect from us! If you have any questions feel free to leave a reply and me or a fellow admin will get back to you!

What is Codonorix?
Codonorix is a small group of designers who aim to create high-quality playable Minecraft maps (Such as adventure maps, horror maps and puzzle maps) all for no cost! Our main goal is to allow everyone to have an enjoyable experience while playing our maps while also allowing you to feel like you're part of a very close community! We aim to keep close contact with all those that enjoy our maps which is exactly why we have created a forum and a discord! This allows you to keep up to date with all our future maps and allows you to meet new and amazing people!

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