Becoming staff | All the information you need to know before you apply.

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Welcome to the official document about becoming staff for the Codonorix network. This thread contains almost all the big details you need to know about being a staff member, from what the roles do to what you can expect when you become a staff member.

To start this thread we'll be talking about each role in the moderation team department and what they do.

What is a helper?
A helper is a very important role in the moderation team. It is the first role a player can get when joining the staff team and is the only role that can be applied for.​
Roles of a helper.
  • Be able to assist in chat by answering questions and handling chat related offences.​
  • Be active on the discord server and helping with questions and chat related offences.​
  • Be active on the forum and actively helping people as well as answering any messages you may get.​
  • Make everyone feel welcome and involved in the network.​
  • Help test new and upcoming features before it's released to the public network.​
Requirements to be a helper
  • You must be at least 15 years old.
    • This is due to the fact that we feel this is the most suitable age to be able to handle the responsibilities that come with this role.
  • You must have discord and a decent quality microphone.
    • The reason for this requirement is that we host many staff meetings and we want everyone's voice to be heard and everyone to be able to share the viewpoints and opinions and sadly if you don't have a microphone this can make it very challenging to communicate with you.
  • Have a decent understanding of how the server works
    • This is because if you're going to be answering questions in chat you need to have a good understanding of how the server works, what each minigame is, etc.

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What is a moderator?
A moderator is the next rank a user can earn during your time in the staff team. Moderators work a lot more with the behind the scenes kind of things. They work with more reports and have to handle more rule-breakers. However, this does not mean this is their only role. There is a lot more as moderators get a choice to join a sub-team which is a group of people who help with certain things to help take the load off of network managers (You can find out more about managers HERE).​
Roles of a moderator
  • Be able to handle reports in a quick and professional manner.​
  • Handle more serious situations when it comes to rule breakers.​
  • Depending on the selected sub-team all the responsibilities that are there.​
  • Keeping the server a happy and toxic-free place.​
  • Help test new features before they are publicly released.​
Requirements to become a moderator
There are currently no requirements to become a moderator (other than the requirements to become a helper) as moderators are selected from our current helper pool.​
What is the benefit of being part of our staff team?
  • We're a very team-based staff-team
    • everyone is always willing to help and if you ever have questions a staff member will always help you when they can.
  • We're a different experience
    • Unlike many other "new" servers (which mainly contain the same content so no matter what it always feels like the same thing) we contain a variety of different modes and staff plugins that will make your job more enjoyable and different.
    • We also take training very seriously and we always give our staff the best training they can before given staff, just so that they have a better understanding and are not just thrown in blind.
  • We still have fun
    • While we always need to be serious when needed we also love to have fun, from talking about the most random topics on our discord server to having fun staff nights.
I'm interested in becoming a staff member but have had no past experience, is this okay?
The short answer to this is yes! We feel like everyone deserves an equal opportunity to be able to join a staff team that they love the look of and what will make them happy. Even with no experience, all our newly recruited staff members are given a good set of training before being added to the staff team. This just helps you not feel so nervous about making the wrong choice.​
I'm staff on another server, can I still apply for staff on here?
It depends...​
If you're staff on a friends server that does not have an incredibly large player base, then it's perfectly okay. The issue falls into working on larger servers. We want our staff to give the most dedication and effort they can to our server and if you have to constantly worry about another server we don't feel like you're living up to that expectation. Because of this, we won't be accepting users that are part of that sort of community as we'd rather have someone who is fully dedicated to our network.​
I've received a punishment in the past, can I still apply?
Again this one is on the fence.​
It all depends on how long ago your punishment was and what the punishment was (for example a simple warning for spamming characters won't have as much of an effect on your application status compared to cheating on the server.)​
There are a few rules, however, that are broken will lead to a blacklist from applying for staff​
  • Suicidal encouragement.
  • Joking about serious actions such as rape.
  • Discriminating against anyone for any reason (Be it gender, race, sexuality, skin colour, region and anything else that is in relation to that)
We feel like these are things that should never be joked about and/or said. They are not funny and it show's the level of maturity and the type of person we want to avoid joining our staff team at all costs.​
I've submitted an application, what happens now?
Once you've submitted an application your application will be posted in the application section. It will automatically be placed in an open position. During this time a member of the applications will take the time to read and review your answers. This is where your application will be decided if it's accepted or not.​
What if I'm denied?
We will send you a message on the forum. This message will not just contain a simple "Sorry you were denied" but rather a detailed explanation as to why the reviewer decided not to pass your application and what you can do to improve next time you apply. We always encourage improvement throughout our staff team and this is no exception for those wanting to apply.​
What if I'm accepted?
While we can't go into the details of what happens next, just know we'll send you a DM on the forum and explaining everything that will be happening next.​
How long do I have to wait to reapply after I was denied?
All users have to wait 1 month before submitting another application. We suggest during this time actually working on your application behind the scenes and making it the best application possible before submitting it.​
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