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Staff Helper Application [FAQ]

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With the constant growing development of Codonorix, we are constantly looking for new hard-working staff members to assist us in keeping the community as perfect as we possibly can.

In this thread, I'll be answering a few questions that you may have about the application process. Please take the time to read through it all thoroughly to avoid any confusion when writing to your application.

If at the end of this your question has still not be answered, feel free to contact an administrator on the forums with your question. I will attempt to respond as quickly as I can.

What are the requirements to apply for helper?
There are two main requirements when applying for staff
  • You must be 14 years of age or older
  • You must have access to discord and have a good quality microphone.
No exceptions can be made for these requirements. If you submit an application knowing these requirements you will instantly be denied.

If you want to know the reasoning behind these requirements, please click HERE

Why can I not see my application?
For privacy reasons, we don't want the whole community to see your application as this can lead to unneeded comments. All applications submitted are sent to the administration team directly.

When will I get a response regarding my application?
Response times may vary. We usually respond to applications within the first twenty-four hours after you submit it. However, we do get busy and it may take a bit longer to reply. If you have still not received a response to your application within seven days, please send a member of the staff management team a private message.

What is a helper and what do they do?
A helper is the first achievable staff rank an individual can earn.

The main role of a helper is to assist those in chat as well as engage with them. They are also able to assist moderators by looking for those violating the rules and informing them of the situation.

Helpers are in a sense a trial moderator. They are being trained and working towards a moderator position. Due to this, they have very limited permissions.

You can identify a helper in-game with the orange [Helper] prefix.

How do I apply for moderator?
You are not able to apply for the moderator position. The only way to get this position is to be part of our helper pool. From there we will take those who have performed the best and will promote them to a moderator.

If I become a helper will I still be able to play on the server?
Of course! Being a staff member does not mean you have to give up doing things you enjoy doing on the server. Most of our staff members find a nice balance between being a staff member and participating in games.

How do I know the result of my application?
Once your application has been submitted a staff manager will review it as soon as they can. Once they have reviewed it they will send you a private message on the forum regarding the outcome of your application.

You will know when you have received a response as there will be a red number next to the envelope in the top right.

I've been denied now what?
No need to panic! Being denied does not mean you won't ever be able to apply again. Once you have been denied you will have a cool-down period of two weeks. During this time you will not be allowed to apply if you do reapply during this time you will be instantly denied and your two-week timer will start over again.

Once the two-week timer has been completed you will be able to reapply again. Before reapplying please re-read the private message as it will help you improve your application.

How many applications can I submit?
As many as you like. We don't blacklist people based on the number of applications they have submitted. However, if you keep getting denied for the same reason we highly suggest rethinking your application and attempting to change it as much as you can to increase your chances of acceptance.

I've been punished in the past, will this affect my application?
Both yes and no. It all depends on how long ago you were punished. We understand that everyone makes mistakes and can learn from them which is exactly why we do allow those who have been punished in the past to apply.

However, if you were punished recently your application will be denied, the reason is that we can see that you are not mature enough to follow our server rules let alone enforce them.

Do I have to be active on the forums to apply?
No. However it does increase your chances of acceptance. We understand that not everyone enjoys using the forums as a form of communication so we can't expect you to be extremely active on it. However, you should have an understanding of how the forum works and be able to help players who have questions about it.


Staff member
-[ Reason for the requirements ]-

  • The age requirement
    • This is a very important requirement when it comes to applying for staff. The reason we have this requirement is that you'll be handling a lot of situations with players because of this we need the best attitude and we feel 14 is a perfect age for this.
    • There is no exemption to this requirement.
  • The discord requirement
    • Discord is our main forms of communication when it comes to staff meetings and staff communication. Because of this, we expect you to be able to contribute to the discussion through means of voice which is the reason for the good quality microphone
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