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The name is Serge or Thomas, which ever name works. I am an on & off decent gamer and anime partaker so basically your typical otaku. Currently enjoying watching AOT, Jujutsu and Mushoku tensai, personally Mushoku is my favorite in this seasons anime, I also read manga. I enjoy FPS, MMO, Platformers and oddly a lot of 8 bit games, and this mainly because of the art direction that the newer 8bit titles present I am currently revisiting Children of Morta and Katana warrior. I have never officially played minecraft so I am looking forward to diving into the minecraft world!

I joined this website as part of the dev team to kinda have fun coding with my buddy Logan and also expand my knowledge in programming in a fun and interesting way, I prefer to take on projects where I am learning something new as well so here I am!

Quick facts about me:
➡ I enjoy reading and writing actually (haven't written anything in a while though) a lot. Current favorite book is Kafka on the Shore.
➡ I am a PC gamer, this will not change... ever
➡ I consider myself to be junior developer at the moment
➡ My taste in music is wide
➡ I like animals
➡ I can wink with both eyes 😎